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Click on Extras > Internet options in the Internet Explorer menu. Select the option "Security". Select "Trusted sites/Sites" and add the page. Confirm with "OK" and click on the Default Level button. Confirm again with "OK". That’s all!
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In order to be able to use all possibilities of the program, the upstream Browsercheck should run without problems. With the first call, you may be requested in addition to install an ActiveX control. Click here on "installing". This is to be only to be done with the first call.

If the automatic installation failed due to network settings or safety restrictions, you can download the newest installation files from here.
Unzip the downloaded archive and run PIIUploadDownload.msi.

Why schould I install an ActiveX control?

The ActiveX control FileHandler (PIIUploadDownload.ocx and PIIFileHandler.exe) will be used for the following indispensable features
  • Auto login of the logged on LAN user
  • Controlled file download from the portal server
  • Controlled file upload (also mass-upload) to the portal server
  • Office integration

  • Support

    If there are problems or if you have questions, send an E-Mail to or call us at +49 30 9177 4410.

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